Funding & Thanks

We think Sownata is a great idea and we really hope that you do too.

We don’t like the idea of using advertising as a revenue model and we feel strongly that your data belongs exclusively to you. This means that, for the time being at least, Sownata is a labour of love. Please be patient and kind with any questions or problems you might have.

We enjoy our day jobs but would love to be able to focus more on Sownata. In the future we might explore:

  • partnerships with third parties who want to leverage Sownata as a platform for you to access the data they might have about you.
  • in-app purchases for new integrations.

The Dashboard component of Sownata is built using the Charts project by Daniel Cohen Gindi ( licenced via Apache (

The Twitter integration in Sownata is built using the Swifter project by Matt Donnelly ( licenced via MIT (

The Strava integration in Sownata is built using the StravaSwift project by Matthew Clarkson ( licenced via MIT (

Sownata also leverages the OAuthSwift project by Dongri Jin ( licenced via MIT (

The laborious task of generating icons has been simplified by the folks at

Gesture highlighting (in videos) uses ShowTime by KaneCheshire ( licenced via MIT (

We stand on the shoulders of generous giants.