Add Event

We understand that only the most fastidious of people are likely to manually record events on an ongoing basis but, while we’re hard at work designing automated ways to get it done, we’re hoping it’s worth the effort for the events that you really care about.

You create events using the Add Event tab.

Selected event components are in orange and candidate event components are in grey.

You will generally start by specifying the time of the event. The most common options are right there, ready to click (Now, Today and Yesterday) but you can see more options by clicking on More. If you need even more options you can click on Custom and enter a specific date.

Once you’ve specified the time you should pick a verb for the event.

Once a verb is selected you will be prompted to add any properties or measures (relevant for the verb) to the event:

Events must contain a time and a verb but properties and measures are all optional. The more information you record the more you will be able to to with it in the future but try to focus on the stuff that’s important to you.

Sownata will learn the properties that you use the most and provide auto-complete options to help speed things up.

When you’re done, hit Save to record the event. You can then jump over to View Events.