Core Concepts

Yesterday I played soccer for 90 minutes

An example event

Here’s how Sownata sees that event:

YesterdayTimewhen the event happened
INounthe subject of the event
playedVerbwhat happened
soccerAttribute(optional) textual information (Property)
90 minutesValue(optional) numerical information (Measure)

All events must have a Time and a Verb (the Noun is implicit for the time being), this lets you keep track of the number of events.

Each Verb can have (different) Properties and Measures. The Exercise Verb has an Activity Property (and our example event has a Soccer Attribute) and a Minutes Measure (and in our example event a Value of 90).

The Exercise Verb also supports (but this Event doesn’t use) a KM Measure and the Result and Type Properties.

Adding Attributes and Values to Events allows you to get much better insights via the dashboard.