Creating Events using Siri

One of our main goals for Sownata is to make is to reduce (or even eliminate) the amount of effort required to record events. 

Some simple Siri integration is our first step along this road. Here are some examples of using Siri to create Events:

“Hey Siri.. Make a note using Sownata that I played tennis yesterday at a club night”

“Hey Siri.. Make a note using Sownata that I had a vegan curry for dinner”

You can use Siri to record events in Sownata with the following caveats (for now):

  • You can only create Events in the last seven days (using Today, Yesterday, Monday, Tuesday, etc.)
  • Siri will only understand Attributes (Property values) and Values (Measure values) that have been used in existing events (e.g. you will need to have manually added a similar event in the past)

Despite these limitations, we’ve found creating Events using Siri to be super-helpful; hopefully you will to.

To make things slightly easier we’ve told Siri about a bunch of Synonyms that should make it more natural to record events in Siri:

I played tennis
I danced at a Salsa Party
I just went for a run
I ran 10km
measureweighI weigh 90kg
indulgetreatI just treated myself to cake
I ate salad for lunch
I drank coffee
I had fish and chips for dinner
I cleaned the kitchen
I spent 2 hours studying biology
I spent 1 hour practicing violin
I met my sister for lunch
I saw my Uncle Bill yesterday

Get in touch via @SownataApp on Twitter if you have any suggestions for more Synonyms.