We think the Dashboard is where Sownata really comes into it’s own. It gives you insights into your life that you can’t easily find elsewhere.

We’ve tried to make it as easy to use as possible but here are a few pointers…

Let’s say you’re looking at how many times you have exercised:

You can change the chart by clicking on various parts of the Title:

You can click on  to change the Property:

You can click on by activity to see the breakdown in the chart:

You can then pinch out (like zooming in on a photo or a map) to switch from years to months (or from months to weeks):

You can long-press on a particular bar (e.g. 2019.03) to view the events that make up that bar in View Events.

You can bookmark a particular view in the Dashboard using the Bookmark Button (top right) and you can quickly jump to bookmarked views using the button next to it.

If you are looking a single year of data (e.g. this year or last year) you can swipe left and right to change the year.