In the absence of helpful APIs we’re endeavouring to become the tool of choice to make sense of the otherwise difficult to digest data that popular services provide. Instagram is undoubtedly one of the biggest social media platforms out there and we’ve done our best to help you visualise your Instagram use in Sownata.

1. Log in at and tap on your profile icon in the bottom-right

2. Tap on Privacy and Security and then scroll down and tap on Request Download

3. Enter you e-mail address and password

4. Wait. It takes minutes rather than seconds but it might take longer if you use Instagram a lot…

5. Download the data from the e-mail…

NOTE: How this work will depend on your e-mail client. The screenshots below are from Gmail in Safari.

6. Tap the download icon (top-right) and then the magnifying glass to open the file in Files

7. Tap on the *.zip file to access the folder and then tap on the folder to see the contents

8. There are six files that Sownata can read:

  • comments/post_comments.json
  • content/posts_1.json
  • followers_and_following/followers.json
  • followers_and_following/following.json
  • likes/liked_comments.json
  • likes/liked_posts.json

Tap on them import the data into Sownata.

9. Tap Done and then tap on the View Events Tab. Check that you can see events for your recent Instagram activity.10. Tap on the Dashboard Tab. See if you can answer the following questions by navigating around the data using the chart title..

  • Do you use Instagram more than you used to?
  • Who do you interact with the most on Instagram?