• Do you watch more YouTube than you used to?
  • What channels do you watch the most?


1. Go to and sign in

2. Tap on Deselect all

3. Scroll down to the bottom and select YouTube

4. Tap on All YouTube data

5. Tap on Deselect all and then select just History and tap OK

6. Tap Multiple Formats and then change History from HTML to JSON and tap OK

7. Tap Next step

8. Scroll down and tap Create report

9. WaitYou will get an e-mail letting you know that you requested the data. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes before you get another one to tell you that you can…

10. Tap Download (a couple of times)

11. Tap on the download icon (top-right) and then on the magnifying glass to view the download (in Files)

12. Tap on the downloaded file to un-zip it

13. Tap YouTube and then history

14. Tap on watch-history.json to import the data into Sownata

It can take a few seconds (around seven seconds per thousand events) to import all your data from YouTube…

15. Tap Done and then tap on the View Events Tab. Check that you can see events for the things you’ve watched on YouTube lately.

16. Tap on the Dashboard Tab. See if you can answer the following questions by navigating around the data using the chart title..

  • Do you watch more or less YouTube than you used to?
  • What channels do you watch the most?