View Events

While the Dashboard aims to provide a holistic view (to help you make decisions) the Events give you visibility of the underlying information.

You might want to know…

  • When was the last time I went to a Salsa Party?
  • Is it about time for another Poker Night with my friends?
  • Did we win the last time we played doubles with my brother and his wife?

When you first view the Events you will see events of all types in the current month

The filtering mechanism in View Events works just like it does in the Dashboard, tap on the part of the title (e.g. Attribute, Time or Verb) you want to change and then select the option you want.

At any time the Reset Button (top right) will set the current view back to all types in the current month.

The Events view also allows you to delete Events by swiping to the left (just like you would in any other App).

The context menu (long press on an Event) allows you to duplicate or filter events.

If you regularly record the same events then this is probably the quickest way to get it done. Just duplicate an event to make an identical event (for today).